Parts and Service

Parts and Service

At Rainer Irrigation we believe back up service is just as important as the sale and installation of new equipment. Our service departments are trained and experienced in the service and repair in all facets of irrigation. We have a fleet of 60 vehicles including Hiabs, diggers, tele lifters and fully equipped service trucks along with a large extensive stock supply. Our rapid response time combined with our resources minimise downtime ensuring customers are getting looked after during the busy irrigation season.

We provide repairs and maintenance for:

  • RotoRainers
  • Mainline
  • Centre pivots and laterals
  • Electrical equipment (Electrician services)
  • Pumps
  • Effluent

Having the luxury of combining resources across the board, saves the client hassle, time and money co-ordinating another company to work on the job.


Our store and show room is home to thousands of new parts specific to Rainer products and irrigation. Two full time storeman have expert knowledge on Rainer Irrigations range of products and much more. We stock:

  • RotoRainer parts
  • Pivot and linear parts
  • hose trailer parts
  • mainline fittings 
  • Sprinker parts
  • PVc and PE pipe
  • nuts and bolts
  • valves
  • and much more

Winter Servicing

Rainer Irrigations trained and experienced service teams travel the length of the island every winter performing maintenance on irrigation equipment to help minimise equipment breakdown for clients during the irrigation season. All servicing of equipment is performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications guidelines.

Call in advance to book in your off season maintenance requirements.

On Call Service

Rainer Irrigation provide a ‘On call’ service for our mainline, RotoRainers , Pivots/Laterals and effluent. Call anytime on (03) 307 9049 for on call services.





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