Rainer irrigation has a well-resourced electrical division which has 7 members including department manager Scott Ashdowne, 4 field electricians (1 of which is an electrical inspector) one specialist switchboard builder and an apprentice, all of which are specifically trained in the irrigation industry.

 Rainer irrigations electrical department are leaders in the irrigation industry in pump controllers and switchboards. For efficiency reasons, we are pushing for more multi pump systems rather than single large pumps. This type of system is more energy efficient, using the least amount of KWs as the demand varies as well as having backup in the event of pump failure.

 Our electrical department have developed Smart Pumping Software utilising our Datalogger as a dual controller Logging flow as per Ecan’s (Environment Canterbury) requirements as well as VSD control and pump cascading. This type of cascading system allows us to have a constant pressure system but keeping under the requirements of the network providers in regards to the Harmonic issue.

 Many owners of older systems are opting to retro fit this new technology to their existing VSD systems for better and smoother control of their pumping system. This department means Rainer Irrigation can take care of its clients from the power pole to the irrigator.

Above: An example of a pumping station control panel fully designed, built and installed by the Rainer Irrigation electrical department.

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