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Effluent pumps are at the heart of any dairy farm effluent system. They take the most punishment and are subjected to the harshest of conditions.

At Rainer irrigation we supply and install a pump to suit any application. The type of pump and duty are chosen depending on the application for which it is intended whether it be greenwater or un separated effluent. Pump efficiency is at the source of the decision making process along with reliability. Effluent pumps needs to be sized and suited correctly to ensure they perform at their best and to minimise downtime due to blockages or breakdowns. The design team at Rainer can help recommend and size and pump to suit you.


Sabre Effluent Pump – The sabre effluent pump is a heavy duty progressive cavity pump which provides low maintenance efficient pumping. It uses a 3 phase motor complete with gearbox, heavy duty cast iron body, hard chrome plated stainless steel rotor and nitrile stator, this combined provides great output to input ratio.

  • Flows from 2.8-12.5l/sec
  • Pressures to 115meters
  • Motor sizes 4-18.5kw

Yardmaster Effluent Pump– The veteran of the dairy effluent pumps is the yardmaster. It stands vertically generally on a pontoon; it boasts a non- clog impeller partially macerates soft materials so that solids will not pass into the line and cause blockages. The Yardmaster will also pump solids such as sand and gravel, is self-priming and can run dry. The smaller model Yardmasters have a by-pass that agitates the liquid and solids around the pump head so that the solids are continually taken up with liquid. This by-pass also functions as a secondary inlet whilst the impeller cuts away the lumps which may temporarily have obstructed the main flow. Fluid velocity in the line is maintained. The Heavy Duty bearings sit above the liquid level. This feature makes them trouble free and long wearing.


Gillies Effluent Pump - Similar in principal to the Yardmaster. Available in many sizes.


Surface Pump– These pumps are used only when I very high standard of greenwater effluent is being pumped. These pumps provide efficient, easy maintenance pumping with good pressure. Perfect for injection into existing irrigation systems or running systems on effluent alone. They are very versatile with many different sizes and duties to suit any application.

Back up Service

Rainer holds a large supply of pump parts in store and has experienced staff trained in the repair and maintenance of these pumps. This ensures back up support is there when you need it most. If pumps can’t be repaired quickly we have many loan pumps available on hand so you can be sure downtime will be kept to a minimum.  

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