Pumps are at the heart of any irrigation system. It is important that pumps and associated accessories are selected and sized specifically to the application that it is destined for. At Rainer Irrigation the design team has decades of experience and will select the pump that hydraulically matches the client demands, the emphasis being reliability and efficiency. Whether you require a submersible, domestic, irrigation or effluent pump we have the resources to size, supply, install, wire in and service a pump that’s right for you. For efficiency reasons, we are pushing for more multi pump systems rather than single large pumps. This type of system is more energy efficient, using the least amount of KWs as the demand varies as well as having backup in the event of pump failure.

We supply:

  • Depth transducers
  • Tsumuri pumps
  • Submersible, surface and effluent pumps
  • River screens
  • Flow meters and data loggers
  • pressure regulating valves
  • and more


Rainer irrigation’s pump department have the skills to professionally install and service many types of pumps and manifolds. This team has exposure to deep bore submersible pumps, stockwater pumps, through to small domestic pump installs. Great product knowledge and large supplier network and many spares kept in stock makes for very quick repair turnaround.

Electrical switchgear:

Rainer irrigations electrical department has 6 members all of which are specifically trained in the irrigation industry. This gives us the flexibility to cater for the client start to finish by building switchgear or controllers for pumps and connecting them to the electrical supply. With registered electricians, an inspector and panel builders as part of the department this team are up with the best in the industry for this sort of equipment. The electrical departments allows the interdepartmental sharing of resources which makes for a more efficient install than using external contractors and makes Rainer your one stop call for future repairs and maintenance. 



Right: An example of complete pump and panel setup built, installed and commisioned by Rainer irrigation, drawing from a large irrigation pond in Mid Canterbury.

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