Rainer Irrigation Ltd is the importer and distributor of the Australian made Trailco irrigators and parts. Trailco Irrigation Australia has been active in Travelling Irrigator manufacture since 1969.The original range of soft hose piston powered Trailco Travellers has been continually improved and upgraded over the years, sometimes in small detail and in others, changes so major that it necessitates a new model release. The piston powered range has been augmented by a complementary range of machines powered by a water turbine which better suits some applications.

Trailco has an extensive range of high quality products to suit any application, from high producing farms to sports fields to your backyard. Trailco irrigators are available to handle flows from 1 litre per second to 40 litres per second.

  • Extreme Versatility:
    The travellers will Irrigate a very wide range of crops and will operate well in very irregular shaped fields and on extremely undulating terrain.
  • Very Low Labour Requirement:
    Several travellers can easily be operated by one man and the labour consists mostly of driving a tractor.
  • Portable:
    The travellers are ideal for irrigating widely scattered areas. They can be towed from field to field or farm to farm.
  • Excellent Water Uniformity:
    The continuous movement of the traveller® provides a high uniformity of water application. Distribution of the water is very even.
  • Ability To Work Around Obstructions:
    The travellers are compact units and can operate around power poles, trees or buildings with no problem.
  • Easy To Use:
    The travellers are uncomplicated and easy to operate.
  • Long Life & Simple Maintenance: The units are built from long life components and require a minimum of maintenance.
  • Designed & Manufactured in Australia: Trailco Traveller® is designed and manufactured in Australia and is backed by an Australian wide dealer network for sales and service.

Trailco also market in house designed and manufactured hard poly hose reel type irrigators trade marketed as PolyReel® with hose sizes ranging from 32mm to 140mm. 

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