Rainer Irrigation Ltd will design irrigation systems utilizing K Lines and long line sprinkler systems. These systems are often used to irrigate irregular shaped blocks, corners not covered by centre pivots, or where other forms of irrigation are not suitable. These sprinkler systems are hand shift, and do require labour input to operate.

However, labour requirements can be minimized with the use of permanent or solid set sprinkler systems. These will also lend themselves to automation if required, and can be used for irrigation of pasture or crop and also frost control applications.

All sprinkler systems are custom designed for the particular farm, taking into account the field and row dimensions, topography, soil types, crop type, water source, precipitation rate, sprinkler spacings and client requirements.

Sprinklers are also used on the Briggs fixed boom linear irrigators, and can be Senninger sprinklers installed on the top of the boom or Nelson rotators installed on droppers below the boom depending on the proposed application.  Large sprinklers (guns) are used on our range of travelling irrigators.   

Leading brands of sprinklers would be specified in all sprinkler systems designed by Rainer Irrigation Ltd including Naan, Hunter, Komet, Senninger, Nelson, Rainbird and others. 

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