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Model 250L

A very efficient, heavy duty linear-rain, low pressure Travelling irrigator

  • Use for irrigation or effluent
  • Minimum wind distortion
  • One man operation
  • Rugged Construction
  • Low operating pressure
  • Variable speeds - 20-80metres/hour
  • Quick shifting time
  • Low operating costs
  • Separate hose trailer - allows maximum flexibility when laying out and winding in hose



Boom Length                                     77 m - 90 m

Wetted Width                                      to 110 m

Lane Spacings                                  80 m - 104 m

Hose Length                                      up to 300 m of 125 mm

Hose Diameter                                 114 mm or 125 mm

Flow Range                                       28 to 42 l/s

Operating Pressure                          210 - 340 kpa

Boom Height                                      5.2 m

Wheel Spacings                                3.8 m

Travel Speeds                                    Variable - 20 - 50 m/hour

Area Covered                                     4.0 ha - 6.0 Ha

The above figures are for reference purposes and are not binding in detail. We reserve the right to introduce changes to the specifications of the machine without prior notice.

Turbine Drive:

The Briggs Turbine Drive Linear Rain Irrigator is driven by the Austrian manufactured Bauer full flow turbine coupled through a clutch to a four speed gear box, being chain driven onto the side of the wire rope winch drum.

This turbine containing 24 impeller channels travelling at between 300 to 500 rpm provides all the torque necessary to winch this irrigator along pulling up to 300 m length of 125mm diameter lay flat irrigation hose. This irrigator can travel any variable speeds between 20 to 80 m per hour.

The turbine housing incorporates a special internal Bauer nozzle design channelling a full flow of water onto the turbine impeller blades by way of a regulating flap resulting in a very energy efficient drive unit.

Operating Pressures: 

Under most operating conditions, the turbine drive will require an energy requirement of between 70 to 100 kpa, (10 to 14 psi). Based on a sprinkler operated pressure of between 140 to 200 kpa depending on sprinkler type, one will require an inlet pressure at the base of the machine of between 210 to 340 kpa (30 to 50 psi). A flow of 28 l/s is all that is required to obtain the maximum torque output. For higher flow rates the excess water is bypassed through a separate metered pipeline.


Full circle American Manufactured Senninger low angle input sprinklers operating at 200 kpa (30psi) applying water 18 m forward and 18 m aft of the boom, These should be used when the irrigator is operated at higher flow rates and on heavier soil types, or the American manufactured Nelson R 3000 U - 4 rotators, operating at 140 kpa (20psi) applying water 10.5 m forward and 10.5 m aft of the boom, should be used when the irrigator is operating at lower flow rates, or where gentle rain like droplets are required for sensitive soils and crops.

Briggs Linear Rain:
The irrigator can be set to run in any chosen direction. With the machine pulling up to 300 m length of hose, with central hydrant outlets, a 600 m run can be achieved. When operating in strong windy conditions, coverage is still very good as the water is carried in the boom almost to the end of the watering width. The Model 250 Linear Rain Irrigator at a flow of 38 l/s on a run length of 600m, and a run width of 100m, 50 mm gross application can be applied to 6.0 Ha in 22 hours. If shifted twice a day 25mm gross application can be applied to 12 Ha each day.

With fully screened effluent, this irrigator can operate effectively and apply the effluent out through special mushroom type slurry distributors. Operating at low nozzle pressures this effluent is applied with very low atomization and aerosolizing.

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