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Model 125

An extremely efficient middle of the range rotary boom low pressure Travelling irrigator             

  • Use for irrigation or effluent
  • Minimum wind distortion
  • One man operation
  • Rugged construction
  • Low operating pressure
  • 8 Speeds - giving 8 different application rates
  • Quick shifting time
  • Low operating costs
  • Separate hoe trailer - allows maximum flexibility when laying out and winding in hose


Boom Length                                   56 m     

Wetted Width                                    to 84 m

Lane Spacings                                75 m - 80 m

Hose Length                                    up to 300 m of 114 mm

Hose Diameter                               100mm - 114 mm

Flow Range                                      11 - 42 l/s

Operating Pressure                        280 kpa

Boom Height                                    4.2 m

Wheel Spacings                              3.2 m

Travel Speeds                                  8

Area Covered                                    3.0 Ha - 4.8 Ha

The above figures are for reference purposes and not binding in detail. We reserve the right to introduce changes to the specifications to the machine without prior notice.         

Roto-Rainer is Labour Efficient:

The Roto-Rainer irrigator can be set to run in any chosen direction. With the machine pulling up to 300 m length of hose; with central hydrant outlets, a 600 m run can be achieved.

When operating in strong windy conditions, coverage is still very good as the water is carried in the boom almost to the end of the water circle, and because the boom rotates a very efficient watering pattern is achieved.

Roto-Rainer's Performance:

The model 125 Rotary Boom has a maximum flow rate of 42 l/s with a run length of 400 m; 113 mm gross can be applied to 3.0 Ha in 23 hours. If shifted twice a day 54mm can be applied to 6.0 Ha

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