PW 100 Gun

PW 100 Low Pressure Gun

Rainer Irrigation’s latest creation is the PW100 gun irrigator, designed and manufactured in house by the team at the Ashburton factory. Capable of 700m runs at low pressures, this machine can work in conjunction with pivot systems. The introduction of the PW100 means Rainer has every irrigation option covered.


  • Rugged construction
  • Ability to do 700m runs @up to 100m wetted width
  • Stable on undulating ground
  • Work in conjunction with pivots systems and PN6 pipe
  • Easily moved through obstacles
  • Works in treed areas
  • One man operation
  • Variable ground speeds
  • Hose trailer and irrigator combined

The PW 100 operates at medium pressures (345 KPA, 50PSI) allowing the use of Class B underground mainline and lower horse powered pumps compared to conventional gun irrigators. This equates to lower install costs and reduces running costs. The gun is very labour efficient with an approximate shifting time of 40mins including winding in and out of the hose.  The machine is capable of pulling approximately 320m of 125mm hose and can hold this comfortably on its own hose reel for easy shifting. Click here to see our Angus layflat hose page.

The turbine and gear box used to power the gun has been used in over 100 Briggs linear irrigators for many years and proves a very reliable positive drive. It is an ideal irrigator for undulating country where other forms of irrigation may not be practical.


Length of run                                     Up to 700m

Wetted width                                     80 – 100m

Travel Speeds                                   4 (but variable)

Lane spacing                                     80 – 90m

Flow rate                                             19 L/s to 60 L/s

Hose length                                        up to 320m

Hose diameter                                  102mm to 125mm

Area covered                                       up to 6Ha per run

Operating pressure                          350Kpa


Example Performance: @ 20l/s it can apply 28mm over a 5.6HA area in 23 hours.

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