VRI Variable Rate Irrigation

Total irrigation flexibility


You can define custom irrigation zones with the easy-to-use mapping software. Zones may be defined by soil type, topography, crop type or field obstacles. The variable rate program is then loaded into the Precision VRI controller that directs individual sprinklers through wireless nodes. Sprinklers will turn on or off for zone control or pulse at the precise speed to achieve full variable rate application.

 Why Precision VRI?

This technology allows you to apply exactly the right amount of water or chemicals to each area of your field – giving you full control over each square foot to maximize yields and profitability. As a leader and pioneer in irrigation technology, Growsmart® by Lindsay is uniquely positioned to provide this powerful yet simple solution.


Each sprinkler is programmed to turn on/off or pulse at a customized rate depending on crop, terrain or obstacle.


  • Saves water – sprinklers are used more efficiently and can be turned off over tracks, drains, buildings, etc. Application rates over wet areas can be decreased.
  • Decreases power consumption – it only runs when and where it’s programmed, so no power is wasted (with use of a variable frequency drive).
  • Changes application rate over different crops or soil types – rather than farming to the limitations of an existing irrigation system, crops that require varying amounts of water can be grown under that system, achieving total flexibility.
  • Reduces over-watering on laterals and part circles by running different forward and reverse plans.
  • Less track maintenance – in areas where there are tracks, Precision VRI can be programmed to shut off, which means less erosion and decreased water use.
  • Reduces runoff and leaching – lowering application rates in certain areas decreases overwatering.
  • Saves on fertigation and chemigation costs – chemicals can be efficiently applied.
  • Decreases and eliminates watering in low or flooded areas.
  • Provides Web-based irrigation recording and reporting – all data is securely stored. View current status and position, and historical graphs.

For example . . .

A farmer who grows potatoes and alfalfa on the same field can adjust the speed of the pivot and amount of water applied to each crop – more for potatoes and less for alfalfa. In addition, Precision VRI can be programmed to shut off over certain zones, such as a livestock area, and turn back on automatically with variable water/chemical applications. That same field has drainage ditches and hills, so Precision VRI will shut the pivot off over those areas as well, eliminating run-off and ponding.


  • Works on almost any brand of centre pivot or lateral system
  • Zone and individual sprinkler control
  • Flexible polygon-shaped application areas
  • Infinite number of irrigation zones
  • Field-proven pulsing technology
  • Easy to use map-based software for complete control
  • New GPS-based positioning offers accurate control and programming



By adding the optional FieldNET® Mobile to your smartphone, you’ll have the power to track water usage, receive immediate text alerts and monitor pivot status – all from the palm of your hand. FieldNET Mobile saves time and labor and reduces the risk of downtime.


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