Corner and Z arms

The 9500 Custom Corner is the "acre maker"

A 9500CC Custom Corner system can minimize acres lost to obstacles such as buildings as well as to irregular boundaries along ditches and streams; it has unique durable features for longer life and cost savings. The 9500 CC's durable High-flow joint eliminates the external hoses found on other types of corners. This design greatly reduces the chance of leakage resulting in reduced water friction loss and lower pumping costs. The rugged "H" frame assures robust operation in challenging terrain. Corner reliability is further enhanced by the aggressive steering capability of the steerable tower with wheels which can turn as much as 90°. While the heavy-duty gearbox and variable-speed motor allow the corner arm to move continuously and provides fast speeds for Chemigation and frequent water application.

With Zimmatic® GPS guided 9500 Custom Corner, buried wire is eliminated. This new guidance option adds even more flexibility to the highest performing corner on the market. This saves time and labour during installation and allows for easier path adjustment if needed in future growing seasons. All of this additional flexibility comes without sacrificing accuracy – GPS Guidance utilizes an RTK correction signal 

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