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Model 15

A very efficient, low cost, low pressure Travelling effluent irrigator      

Effluent Applicator is Mechanically Efficient:

The Briggs Effluent Applicator performs a complex task by means of a few simple mechanisms. The retro-action of the effluent causes the boom to rotate for an even spread of effluent. the rotation of the boom provides the motive force that propels the machine using a drive roller rotating around a series of cams which operates a simple lever mechanism to the wire rope winch drum.

  • Fully hot dipped galvanised
  • Simple to operate
  • Trouble free rotating drive
  • Five travel speeds
  • Low pressure operation
  • Also suitable for irrigation
  • Thermoplastic bearings
  • operating with lay flat and hard hoses
  • Low running costs

Effluent Applicator's Performance:

The Briggs model 15 Effluent Applicator dragging a 150 m length of 63 mm medium density polyethylene hose operating at a flow rate of 20 m³/hr (75 gpm) with a wetted width of 35 m, will on it's fastest travel speed of 85 m per hour apply effluent onto the ground at a rate of 6.7 mm per pass. On the slowest travel speed of 17 m per hour the applicator will apply 34 mm of effluent per pass.

Based on a cow herd producing 25 cubic m of effluent daily, for a 25 mm application this applicator would only have to operate for 1.25 hours per day.

The machine would take 10.5 days to complete a full 300 m run before being shifted to a new location.

Effluent is applied at less than 2 m from the ground surface; this is environmentally acceptable to the regional councils throughout New Zealand.


Boom Length                                     15 m

Wetted Width                                      35 m

Lane Spaces                                     35 m

Hose Length                                      up to 150 m

Run Length                                        up to 300 m

Hose Diameter                                  up to 63 mm

Flow Range                                        2 - 6 L/s

Operating Pressure                         150 to 250 kpa (20 to 30 psi)

Travel Speeds                                   17 to 85 m per hour

Area covered                                      1.05 hectares (300m run)

The above figures are for reference purposes and are not binding in detail. We reserve the right to introduce changes to the specifications of the machine without prior notice.


Briggs effluent applicators are manufactured to very high engineering and dimensional standards. All bearings/bushes are manufactured from molecular weight thermoplastic which are very abrasive and corrosive resistant and are an excellent medium to transfer the working loads of this machine

A 316 stainless steel wear sleeve is fitted around the inner tower assembly to provide an improved wear surface; this sleeve can be easily replaced when required.

The upper tower assembly contains a Y junction to help prevent any build up of soil material accumulating at this point. The boom itself is segmented to allow for ease of dismantling if required. Rubber drive nozzles allow for large size segments of soil material to pass without causing any blockages. A very simple sealing arrangement is provided to prevent any effluent from entering into the tower area.

An automatic starting mechanism and a forward travel release are provided to allow for ease of operation of this machine.

With its 15 m long boom, this applicator can provide substantially more torque than is required to pull the 150 m of 63mm diameter drag hose, and can easily start under load at any point along its travel path.

With the machine pulling up to 150m length of hose, with a central supply, a 300 m run can be achieved.

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