Every farm's effluent is different, that’s why at Rainer Irrigation we supply, service and install a personalised effluent system to suit your requirements. We have 5 members in the design team with decades of experience between them to tailor a system that works. They will discuss and analyse your needs and will use existing infrastructure where possible to make an effective system efficient to setup, run and maintain.

Back up service is an important part of any effluent system. We provide an “on call” service for effluent with the expertise, knowledge and resources to keep you running ensuring piece of mind and productivity are maintained.

Effluent has been a big part of Rainer Irrigation’s service for many years. They have been manufacturing the Briggs model 10 and 15 effluent spreaders for decades, with over 3000 having been sold. These units are still the preferred way of spreading effluent for many farm owners, from one end of New Zealand to the other and across the globe. With pivot irrigation and the tightened regulations from environment councils, Rainer Irrigation has developed its effluent department to adopt these changes and can supply, install and service a wide range of effluent equipment and dispersal options.

Modern developments such as Pivot irrigation have added a whole new dimension to effluent disposal. We have VRI (Variable Rate Irrigation) as a tool so placement of effluent can be guaranteed to ensure regulations are met as per governing councils. Each system is designed and tailored for our clients as not everybody is the same. Emphasis is on simplicity and reliability

We supply, install and service:

  • Vertical effluent pumps (Yardmaster and Gillies)
  • Effluent surface pumps
  • Progressive capacity pumps
  • Model 10 and Model 15 effluent spreaders
  • Walkways and pontoons
  • Underground effluent pipelines
  • Backflow preventers
  • Pivot effluent systems
  • Stirrers
  • separators
  • Rotary screens
  • and more        

Please note: All RotoRainers are effluent compatible 

Contact a member of the Rainer design team for all your effluent requirements


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