Flowmeters & Data Loggers

Rainer Irrigation is heavily involved with the supply, installation and verification of flow meters. We import our own flowmeter, called the Manas - Sroat and supply our own datalogger of which we guarantee will fulfil the customer’s needs.

We also supply and install most other major brands

  • ABB
  • Siemens
  • Krohne

We ensure the water metered supplied is compliant with the regulations set by the local authorities. With a range of sizes and types you can be sure we can supply a metering solution to suit you. We have experienced and qualified staff in the installation and verification of flow meters.

The Manas Sroat flow meter

The Sroat is a true volume measuring electromagnetic flowmeter. Its very versatile with potential use within many different industries The measurement is independent of viscosity, density, dissolved / un-dissolved solids, pressure or temperature of the flowing liquid as long as it maintains a certain minimum conductivity. They are all manufactured in conformity with ISO 9001:2000 and are all factory calibrated.

  • Sizes ranging from DN 10 – DN 1000  
  • Wide choices of compatible electrodes, liners & Body materials
  • Pulse & Isolated 4-20 mA output
  • Empty tube detection possible
  • Accuracy ±0.5% of actual flow rate
  • 5000 / 10000 Number of readings can be logged
  • Four Numbers of Keys for Parameter Programming
  • Computer/Printer Interfacing with RS 232 port
  • Empty Tube Detection and Indication
  • Suitable to conductive liquids ≥ 5 µs/cm
  • Stored/Online data can be stored in excel format (applicable for SS-2000)
  • Online data can be transferred by using GSM modem (applicable for SS-2000

The Rainer horner datalogger

The Horner datalogger is designed by the Rainer electrical department. Features:

  • 5 years worth of flow data storage
  • Water temperature      

If transducer installed, the data logger will time stamp bore levels and graph

  • Current (amps)
  • Voltage supply
  • Soil temperature
  • Control VSD and soft starter programming
  • Telemetry can be retro fitted with a plug and play system.
Optional extras:

Telemetry: Information and data captured such as meter readings and water consumption can be automatically transmitted to a website or directly to your billing system via telemetry. Contact the Rainer Irrigation team for more information and pricing on telemetry products.



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